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kele is specializing in producing, developing and selling stainless steel braiding hose, stainless steel corrugated hose, all kinds of gas hoses and gas valves. Since its establishment, kele has always adhered to the business principle of people-oriented and integrity, and is committed to providing customers with quality products and services. At present, kele has passed the iso9001 quality management system certification, ce, acs, cupc, nsf61-9, and water mark, to achieve rapid and stable development of the company.

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We have a strong R&D team, and we can develop and produce products according to the drawings or samples the customers offered.


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  • Yuhuan KELE Hose industry Co,Ltd. located in Putian

    Replace or clean the filter element regularly to keep the water pure. To ensure that the filter elements give full play to their

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       Brass angle valve, also called angle stopcock for the hotting channel, is analogous to ball stopcock, and its structure and characteristics are modified from ball stopcock. The difference from the ball stopcock is that the outlet of the angle stopcock is at a right angle of 90 degrees to the bay. The angle reading is that the angle globe stopcock is divided into civil and artificial use. Artificial angle faucets are also called triangle faucets, angle faucets, and angled water faucets. This is because the pipe is in a 90- degree corner shape at the angle stopcock, so it's called an angle stopcock, an angle stopcock, and an angle stopcock.     The stopcock body of the angle stopcock has three anchorages the water bay, the water volume control harborage, and the water outlet, so it's called a triangle stopcock. Now the angle stopcock is constantly superbing. Although there are still three anchorages, there are also angle faucets that aren't angular.     The characteristics of the artificial angle stopcock are 1. The inflow path is simple, the dead zone and the eddy current zone are small, and by means of the combing effect of the medium itself, it can effectively help the medium from congesting, that is, it has better tone- drawing performance 2. Flow resistance Small, the inflow measure is larger than that of the single-seat stopcock, which is original to the inflow measure of the double-seat stopcock it's suitable for occasions with high density, suspended solids, and grainy fluids, or where right- angle pipeline is needed. The inflow direction is generally nether in and side out. In special cases, it can be reversed, that is, the inflow is side- heft and bottom- eschewal.     The angle stopcock has four main functions First, it can transfer the internal and external water outlets. The alternative is that the water pressure is too high, which can be acclimated to the triangle stopcock, and the third is to act as a switch. However, etc, If the gateleaks., it may be possible to turn off the triangle stopcock without closing the main stopcock in the home. Fourth, it's beautiful and generous.

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        In addition to metal stainless steel hoses, rubber hoses are also commonly used, and rubber will age during use, so there are restrictions on their storage and service life. Improper storage or handling can alter the physical properties of rubber products, thereby shortening the product's useful life. Excessive hardening, softening, and permanent deformation, cracks, or other surface damage can render the product ineffective. If properly stored and handled, rubber products will not change their properties over a long period of time (such as several years), however, this does not apply to unvulcanized rubber. But in daily storage, you can group according to this requirement.     Still, rubber products won't change their parcels over a long period of time ( similar as several times), still, If duly stored and handled. But in a diurnal storehouse, you can group according to this demand. (1) Storehouse room keep cool, dry, dust-free, and relatively voiced. Indeed if measures are taken to cover the rainfall, it isn't allowed to store outside.     A protean option from the ultra-expensive brand in the golf packing assiduity, the Freedom TXT comes in a wide array of colors. You also have a choice to go with an electric 48V DC drivetrain or EXI closed circle EFI gas machine, up to you.     Either model comes equipped with comfortable seats, ultramodern headlights, and a good quantum of the storehouse. All the great specs offer you a comfortable lift on the golf course. ( 2) Temperature The storehouse temperature of rubber elastomer products depends on the type of elastomer. Regular rubber products should be stored in the temperature range from-10 ° to 15C, with an upper limit of 25C, above this temperature can only be used for temporary storehouse. Products using neoprene CR bear a storehouse temperature not lower than 12C. Non-vulcanized rubber products and composites bear a storehouse temperature of 15C to 25C. Both advanced and lower temperatures should be avoided.   Products that are exposed to exorbitantly low temperatures during transport or storehouse may harden or lose adhesion and bear exposure to temperatures of 20 °C or advanced for a period of time before use or further processing, rather when unpacked before doing so to avoid the accumulation of water vapor on the product. (3) Inner heating Rubber products must be insulated from the heat source. The heat source must be at least 1 cadence down from the stored product, and a larger distance is needed for hot air heating. (4) Moisture Avoid storing in a sticky terrain. Condensation must be avoided, and the moisture should be lower than 65. ( 5) Lighting It's recommended to use standard incandescent light bulbs, and the product should be kept down from light exposure, especially the direct sun and strong artificial lighting with ultraviolet shafts. Storehouse room windows should be defended with a red or unheroic coating, noway blue. (6) Ozone and Oxygen The product should be stored in a place where the gas inflow should be avoided, especially the ventilation opening. It must be packaged and stored in an unrestricted space or box. Since ozone is veritably dangerous to rubber accouterments, the storehouse room shouldn't have any ozone-generating outfit, similar to motors and other outfits that generate electrical fire or discharge. Combustion feasts and vapors also produce ozone through chemical responses, which should also be avoided.  

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  • Is PVC or Stainless Steel Shower Hose better for shower hose

    Shower hose is an important part of the daily life of the family. The topic “is PVC or Stainless Steel Shower Hose better for shower hose” exists all the times. This time, let’s talk about the PVC shower hose and stainless steel shower hose. 1、PVC shower hose As an stablize material, PVC is commonly used in al every industry and everywhere in our daily life. AS shower hose, it has many advantages. It’s convenient to use and exchange. The installation and teardown are really simple, so you don’t have to use screws and connectors. Second, you can easily judge the water temperature to avoid scald. Third, PVC shower hose resists twist and kink. Last, PVC shower hose is much cheaper than metal hose. However, PVC has disadvantage, like in cold winter, it may freeze and become rigid. 2、Stainless Steel shower hoseStainless steel has so many advantages. It’s safe. As we know, stainless steel is odorless and non-toxic. It can be used for food industry, so the water through it will be safe. Second, durable. You should never worry about the broken, corrosion and other problems. The lifespan could be several decades. Third, stainless steel shower hose looks very nice. While the disadvantage is expensive. Besides, there will be condensate water on the surface after use. If the hose through the ceiling, it will cause the ceiling damp and broken. Both of the PVC and stainless steel are suitable for shower hose. You can choose them according to the working condition and on your willing. 

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    At its basic, a valve is a device used to control, regulate, or direct flow in a system or process. They usually have a set of properties that help define their ideal application. But whether you're trying to control flow and provide safety in systems piping liquids, solids, gases, or anything in between, there may be stainless steel valves that can help. valves fall into one of three categories: (1)Manual Valves: Typically adjusted by hand, these valves use handwheels, hand levels, gear wheels, or chains to actuate. (2)Actuated Valves: Often connected to electric motors, air or pneumatic systems, hydraulic systems, or solenoids, these valves allow remote control and automation for high-precision or large-scale applications. (3)Automatic Valves: Some valves activate when a specific flow condition is met. Examples include check valves closing during backflow or pressure release valves activating when an over-pressure condition is detected. Then we also need to explain the opening of the valve. While many valves achieve similar goals, the way they mechanically achieve this can vary. How the valve opens and closes not only affects overall performance, but also determines how much control you have over the flow and how fast the valve operates. By the way, valves provide a variety of functions, including: ·Start or stop flow based on valve status. ·Regulate flow and pressure within piping systems. ·Control the direction of flow within a piping system. ·Throttling flow in the piping system. ·Improve safety by releasing pressure or vacuum in piping systems. We produce all kinds of angle valves, such as Brass Gas Valve, Brass Angle Valve and others, there is always one to meet your needs.

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    Brass Angle Valve is a manually operated valve with its outlet opening oriented at right angles to its inlet opening; used for regulating the flow of a fluid in a pipe.It is a valve for controlling the flow of a liquid or air; the fluid leaves at right angles to the direction in which it enters the valve. Angle valves are important industrial fittings, deriving their name from the the 90º configuration of inlet and outlet ports. Metallic angle valves in material such as stainless steel, bronze, brass are used for cryogenic applications requiring temperatures, ranging from 450º to -250ºC. High quality of materials used and workmanship ensure longevity and trouble-free service of these valves. There are other sorts of shut off valves as well — straight stops, for example. However, the difference between a straight stop and angle stop is that Straight stop valves are utilized for lines coming up from the floor, whereas Angle stop valves are found or used when the water line is coming from the wall. As such, your home’s plumbing design and current plumbing needs will determine which is more efficient for your home. Angle stops are typically made of a metal or plastic and are relatively small in size; their common sizes are typically around 1/4 inch, 3/8 inch or around a half-inch. Angle stops are usually located underneath the appliances in your home. The sizes and types of angle stops vary depending on what you’re specifically looking for While homes are required to have main shutoff valves, on occasion, some homes don’t have angle stops in place — so if you’re unsure, feel free to call NexLvl Services to help you verify. An angle stop should be replaced either every eight to ten years if unused, and immediately replaced after usage. Even when you aren’t using your angle stop, it’s important to “exercise” your angle stops around once a month. Doing this prevents the angle stop from freezing in place and ensuring they last their full life span. Simply turning the knob on and off a few times should do the trick, but if you happen to find that your knob isn’t budging, don’t try to force it to turn — doing so could cause the valve to break. Instead, contact a professional and have them aid you if needed. Angle valves are a relatively inexpensive piece of equipment that can save you a lot of maintenance costs, and we're dedicated to your needs and helping you choose.

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     Corrugated Stainless Steel Hose is classified by use: mainly including metal corrugated pipes, corrugated expansion joints, corrugated heat exchange pipes, diaphragm membrane boxes, etc.   Metal bellows   Metal bellows are mainly used for compensating pipeline thermal deformation, shock absorption, absorbing pipeline settlement deformation,  and other functions, and are widely used in petrochemical, instrumentation, aerospace, chemical, electric power, cement, metallurgy, and other industries.   Its structure is a tubular elastic sensitive element formed by foldable corrugated sheets connected in the direction of folding and stretching. Its open end is fixed, the sealed end is in a free state, and auxiliary coil spring or reed is used to increase the elasticity. When working, it stretches along the length of the pipe under the action of the internal pressure, so that the movable end produces a displacement that has a certain relationship with the pressure. The movable end drives the pointer to directly indicate the pressure. Bellows are often combined with displacement sensors to form pressure sensors whose output is electricity and are sometimes used as isolation elements.   A pressure measuring elastic element in a pressure measuring instrument. It is a cylindrical thin-walled corrugated shell with multiple transverse corrugations. The corrugated pipe is elastic and can be displaced under the action of pressure, axial force, transverse force, or bending moment.   Bellows are widely used in instruments and meters. The main purpose is as a measuring element of pressure measuring instruments to convert pressure into displacement or force. The bellows have a thinner wall and higher sensitivity, and the measurement range is from tens of Pa to tens of MPa.   Bellows can also be used as sealing isolation elements to separate two media or prevent harmful fluids from entering the measuring part of the device. It can also be used as a compensation element, using its volume variability to compensate for instrument temperature errors. Sometimes it is also used as an elastic coupling joint of two parts, etc.

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           Let me share with you how to choose the Stainless Steel Shower Hose.   The specific name of the metal hose (what material, what form), the accurate metal hose caliber (the size of the caliber, ranging from DN25-DN400), what material should the flange be (stainless steel, carbon steel, etc.) what material should the corrugated and mesh sleeves be made of (It is related to the specific application environment) How much length is needed (selected according to the needs of the installation environment, generally the default length) Whether the flange needs a loose sleeve at one end (this is the form of a metal hose) The standard length is 300mm, and the standard is two The end flange can't be loose, what is the standard use medium (water? or other) and how high the temperature is, conventional stainless steel 304 can withstand high temperature within 180 degrees is no problem. (operating environment, temperature)   When purchasing a shower hose, you must pay attention to the following points: 1. Detailed explanation of the size of the shower hose The tube has very good aging resistance and hot water resistance, the mechanical properties change very little, and the volume expansion rate is only 0.3%. There are mainly metal hoses, braided pipes and PVC reinforced pipes. Different materials vary greatly. When purchasing, you can choose according to personal preferences. The important point is that the size of the shower hose must be the same as that of the shower. The general size of the shower hose is 14mm, 16mm, 17mm and 18mm. It is better to take the old pipe and replace it with a new one, which is better. Compare. 2. How to choose a shower hose 1. The thing to look at when buying a hose is the surface. Now generally the better shower hoses are made of stainless steel. A good shower hose The surface should be plated with pure white silver, with strong flexibility, including the bayonet between each thread connecting should be neat and regular, and the weaving of the thread should also be neat and orderly. 2. Pay attention to the interface of the shower hose at both ends. A good hose is made of all-copper material. The thickness of the interface and the solid gasket inside are very strong and durable, and the appearance is also equipped with better silicone Soft gasket, has a very good leak-proof effect. 3. Observe the material of the inner tube. The ordinary inner tube adopts the standard PVC silicone inner tube, and the good hose adopts the ternary inner tube, which has very good toughness and shrinkage, and has a very delicate hand feeling. Pay attention to the difference. 3. Pay attention to the details of purchasing showerheads 1. There are two main types of showerhead nuts on the market: stainless steel and copper casting. It is recommended that you buy cast copper nuts, which can effectively prevent water leakage and have a longer service life. 2. The material of the shower switch valve core must be good, because there are many times of switching, pay attention when purchasing.

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          Let me share with you what are the raw materials for PVC Washing Machine Hose?   Polyurethane products are a series of products produced by people in the market with polyurethane as the basic raw material. They are mainly used in large-scale heavy industry manufacturers such as mines, coal washing plants, power plants, steel mills, etc. The polyurethane products produced mainly include polyurethane sieve plates, plates , Polyurethane cyclone, etc. Compared with other rubber and nylon products, it has the characteristics of wear resistance, hydrolysis resistance and high temperature resistance.   High-strength rigid polyurethane foam cold-insulation tube holder is made of multifunctional organic isocyanate and mixed polyether polyol as the main raw materials. a rigid polyurethane foam.   In the production process of the product, the compressive strength of the product is effectively improved due to the selection of specific polyurethane raw materials with larger functionalities and the scientific selection of screening auxiliary materials and material ratios. It can meet various requirements in the application process.   Advantages: high density, can be adjusted according to different applications, the density is 200~500kg/cubic, and the compressive strength is high, up to 4~20MPa, the thermal conductivity is 0.052, with low thermal conductivity, low moisture permeability, low water absorption , to meet the cooling requirements.   Polyurethane products have stablize hydrolysis resistance, anti-aging, acid and alkali resistance and other chemical properties, are not easy to burn, and their flame retardancy meets the density requirements of my country's safety requirements. The thickness of the insulation layer is 100mm.   We have many other products such as Corrugated Stainless Steel Hose, welcome to visit our website!

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    Stainless Steel Shower Hose is a must-have bathroom accessory in many families, but many people find that it is easy to rust during use. Why is it so easy to rust? Let's learn about it.   The appearance of the stainless steel shower hose is made of stainless steel, and the stainless steel will react with the oxygen in the atmosphere, which will form an oxide film on the surface of the material.   After the iron oxide is formed on the surface of the steel, under the action of oxygen in the air, it will continue to oxidize, and the rust will continue to expand over time, and holes will be formed.   For this reason, the manufacturer chooses to use oxidation-resistant steel. In order to further increase its corrosion resistance, electroplating will be performed on the surface of the oxidation-resistant steel, but it does not mean that the electroplated steel will not rust and corrode, and the electroplating layer Just a thin film on the surface, this protection is limited, once the protective layer is destroyed, the steel surface will start to rust.   Generally speaking, the corrosion resistance of stainless steel is directly related to the content of chromium in the material. If the amount of chromium added in the material is 10.5%, the corrosion resistance of the steel can be greatly increased, but it does not mean The higher the chromium content, the higher the corrosion resistance of the steel. According to the research, although the content of chromium in the steel increases, the overall corrosion resistance of the steel does not increase significantly.   This is mainly because when the steel is alloyed with chromium, the type of surface oxide changes so that the surface becomes an oxide similar to that formed on the surface of pure chromium metal. The tightly adhered chromium-rich oxide will protect the surface of the steel, thereby effectively preventing the steel from oxidizing.   It's just that this layer of the oxide layer is relatively thin, through which the natural luster of the stainless steel surface can still be retained, so that the characteristics of the stainless steel material can be retained, but once this layer of the oxide layer is damaged, the underlying stainless steel surface will be exposed. In the air, but after the stainless steel surface reacts with the atmosphere, this oxide layer will have a self-healing process, thereby forming a passivation film again to protect the steel. However, if the oxide layer on the surface of the stainless steel is completely destroyed, the protective effect will no longer be available, and the surface of the stainless steel will chemically react with oxygen, moisture, and salt in the atmosphere, resulting in rust.

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  • Washing machine with top drain or bottom drain

    The washing machine is an indispensable household appliance in our family, but there are many types of washing machines. Some people believe that they have heard of the washing machine with upper drainage and lower drainage. So what is the difference between upper drainage and lower drainage ? When buying a washing machine, is it better to use an upper drain or a lower drain? Let's compare it below, I believe you will understand.The difference between the upper drain and the lower drain of the washing machineLiterally, we can easily understand that the upper drainage is the way of upward drainage, and the lower drainage is the downward drainage.Down drainage is to rely on natural pressure to discharge the water in the washing machine and flow into the sewer pipe through the floor drain;The upper drainage is through the water pump, after the water in the washing machine is lifted, it is discharged through the upper drainage port.Second, the advantages and disadvantages of upper drainage and lower drainage1. Lower drainageThe lower drainage is drained by natural pressure, so there is no need for a water pump, no electricity, and it is more convenient to use;However, the lower drainage has the disadvantage that the drainage is not clean. It is often in the bottom part of the washing machine, leaving some waste water, which is relatively not too clean.2. Upper drainageThe upper drainage method can drain the water in the washing machine more cleanly through the water pump. In some cases, the water discharged from the upper drainage can be used for the second time, such as flushing the toilet, but the lower drainage method will not work..The upper drainage is discharged by sucking the waste water through the water pump, so a water pump is required, so there will be noise when the water pump is working, and the water pump also needs electricity, and there are certain requirements for the height of the drain pipe.In fact, pulsator washing machines are drained from the bottom, and of the front-load washing machines are drained from the top.The upper and lower drainage cannot be said which is good or not, but when you are decorating, you should pay attention to whether your family uses the upper drainage or the lower drainage, and you should pay attention to the height when installing the drainage pipe opening.Yuhuan KELE Hose industry Co,Ltd is China Stainless Steel Flexible Hose manufacturers and PVC garden hoses suppliers, located in Putian Industrial area, Chumen Town, Yuhuan County, Zhejiang, China. Our company has a solid precipitation and advanced production equipment.Hose manufactured products popular in the international market and domestic and foreign customers consistent high praise.Corporation staff continue to pursue science and technical skill development and improvement.

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  • The quality of PVC transparent steel wire reinforced hose material directly determines the quality of the product

    PVC transparent steel wire reinforced hose is a kind of transparent plastic hose with galvanized steel wire inside, and it is also a very common plastic pipe in China, which can be seen in daily life and industrial places.The production of this kind of PVC transparent steel wire pipe is very mature in China, especially in the Shandong area, many even a county is going door-to-door to produce this kind of pipe. With the increase of manufacturers, the prices and quality of each company are also varied. Some manufacturers sell by kilograms, and some sell by rolls or meters. The production technology of this kind of tube is similar, so the selection of raw materials mainly affects its quality, which involves a problem of raw materials.Many people may not know how the PVC rubber particles used in PVC transparent steel wire reinforced hoses are made?It is composed of PVC powder, plasticizers, stabilizers, colorants, and fillers. And other special additives such as combustion accelerants, anti-ultraviolet agents, cold-resistant agents, etc., high-quality raw materials have very high requirements for each component, regardless of the appearance of the tubes produced by other manufacturers. It's not environmentally friendly or durable, but some additives are added to make the product very good-looking. Of course, many manufacturers of PVC hoses are not free factory granulation (making their own raw plastic glue), but buy finished plastic granules.Yuhuan KELE Hose industry Co.,Ltd. located in Putian Industrial area, Chumen Town, Yuhuan County, Zhejiang, China. PVC Garden Hose Wholesale company have a wealth of experience and Stablize production equipment.Hose manufactured products popular in the international market and well received by customers at home and abroad. Corporation staff continue to pursue science and technical skill development and improvement. Past with the future and innovation, with our products for society at large. Order to enhance the company's social value and self-improvement. Quality development, with benefits to survive. Customer demand for service standards. We will be full of enthusiasm and customer-facing brand-new mental outlook, scientific management, continuous innovation, with more sophisticated technology and more advanced equipment to produce customer needs, and satisfaction with the product.

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