18 Mar News

   Brass angle valve, also called angle stopcock for the hotting channel, is analogous to ball stopcock, and its structure and characteristics are modified from ball stopcock. The difference from the ball stopcock is that the outlet of the angle stopcock is at a right angle of 90 degrees to the bay. The angle reading is that the angle globe stopcock is divided into civil and artificial use. Artificial angle faucets are also called triangle faucets, angle faucets, and angled water faucets. This is because the pipe is in a 90- degree corner shape at the angle stopcock, so it's called an angle stopcock, an angle stopcock, and an angle stopcock.

    The stopcock body of the angle stopcock has three anchorages the water bay, the water volume control harborage, and the water outlet, so it's called a triangle stopcock. Now the angle stopcock is constantly superbing. Although there are still three anchorages, there are also angle faucets that aren't angular.

    The characteristics of the artificial angle stopcock are 1. The inflow path is simple, the dead zone and the eddy current zone are small, and by means of the combing effect of the medium itself, it can effectively help the medium from congesting, that is, it has better tone- drawing performance 2. Flow resistance Small, the inflow measure is larger than that of the single-seat stopcock, which is original to the inflow measure of the double-seat stopcock it's suitable for occasions with high density, suspended solids, and grainy fluids, or where right- angle pipeline is needed. The inflow direction is generally nether in and side out. In special cases, it can be reversed, that is, the inflow is side- heft and bottom- eschewal.

    The angle stopcock has four main functions First, it can transfer the internal and external water outlets. The alternative is that the water pressure is too high, which can be acclimated to the triangle stopcock, and the third is to act as a switch. However, etc, If the gateleaks., it may be possible to turn off the triangle stopcock without closing the main stopcock in the home. Fourth, it's beautiful and generous.