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The quality of PVC transparent steel wire reinforced hose material directly determines the quality of the product

24 May Industry News
PVC transparent steel wire reinforced hose is a kind of transparent plastic hose with galvanized steel wire inside, and it is also a very common plastic pipe in China, which can be seen in daily life and industrial places.

The production of this kind of PVC transparent steel wire pipe is very mature in China, especially in the Shandong area, many even a county is going door-to-door to produce this kind of pipe. With the increase of manufacturers, the prices and quality of each company are also varied. Some manufacturers sell by kilograms, and some sell by rolls or meters. The production technology of this kind of tube is similar, so the selection of raw materials mainly affects its quality, which involves a problem of raw materials.

Many people may not know how the PVC rubber particles used in PVC transparent steel wire reinforced hoses are made?

It is composed of PVC powder, plasticizers, stabilizers, colorants, and fillers. And other special additives such as combustion accelerants, anti-ultraviolet agents, cold-resistant agents, etc., high-quality raw materials have very high requirements for each component, regardless of the appearance of the tubes produced by other manufacturers. It's not environmentally friendly or durable, but some additives are added to make the product very good-looking. Of course, many manufacturers of PVC hoses are not free factory granulation (making their own raw plastic glue), but buy finished plastic granules.

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