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How to properly store Stainless Steel Flexible Hose

02 Jun Industry News
There are many applications of Stainless Steel Flexible Hose in the plumbing industry. Whether it is a standard stainless steel bellows or a non-standard stainless steel bellows, it is easy to make misunderstandings in terms of material: Does stainless steel rust?

The public will think that stainless steel does not rust, but it is wrong. Of course this is not to say that it is cheating, but it is closely related to the environment we use. Simply analyze the process of the bellows for everyone:

Bellows production and processing

The corrugated pipe is from stainless steel plate to finished product; stainless steel plate is welded, waved, polished, water tested, produced, quality inspected, packaged and then shipped. This is the basic process of stainless steel bellows manufacturers from raw materials to finished products. The first is to start from the raw materials. The material must be qualified and there is no difference. After testing the water, it must be blown dry without moisture. The packaging of corrugated pipe manufacturers is generally based on cardboard boxes and fiber bags: cartons can reduce the contact of metal corrugated pipes with moisture, and fiber bags To reduce the loss and wear of stainless steel bellows during transportation of bellows products. The storage environment must be dry, preferably as little contact with the ground as possible.

transport environment

The metal bellows should be as little as possible to touch other liquid substances in the transportation environment to avoid rusting.

Water dispenser and water heater manufacturers

Water heater manufacturers attach great importance to the storage environment of accessories. Water dispenser manufacturers also need to pay attention to the storage environment of stainless steel bellows. A dry and ventilated environment is the best. If it is a cool and humid place, it cannot be stored for too long.

Stainless steel bellows use environment

There are many places where stainless steel bellows are used. The bellows used in water dispensers and water heaters are generally placed in a certain place, and some equipment is basically in a dynamic process (vibration), under specific environment and The purpose of use decides to use a special customized bellows. Therefore, we should pay attention to the environment experienced by stainless steel bellows. Avoid bad influences and unnecessary losses.