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Washing machine with top drain or bottom drain

20 May Industry News
The washing machine is an indispensable household appliance in our family, but there are many types of washing machines. Some people believe that they have heard of the washing machine with upper drainage and lower drainage. So what is the difference between upper drainage and lower drainage ? When buying a washing machine, is it better to use an upper drain or a lower drain? Let's compare it below, I believe you will understand.

The difference between the upper drain and the lower drain of the washing machine

Literally, we can easily understand that the upper drainage is the way of upward drainage, and the lower drainage is the downward drainage.

Down drainage is to rely on natural pressure to discharge the water in the washing machine and flow into the sewer pipe through the floor drain;

The upper drainage is through the water pump, after the water in the washing machine is lifted, it is discharged through the upper drainage port.

Second, the advantages and disadvantages of upper drainage and lower drainage

1. Lower drainage

The lower drainage is drained by natural pressure, so there is no need for a water pump, no electricity, and it is more convenient to use;

However, the lower drainage has the disadvantage that the drainage is not clean. It is often in the bottom part of the washing machine, leaving some waste water, which is relatively not too clean.

2. Upper drainage

The upper drainage method can drain the water in the washing machine more cleanly through the water pump. In some cases, the water discharged from the upper drainage can be used for the second time, such as flushing the toilet, but the lower drainage method will not work..

The upper drainage is discharged by sucking the waste water through the water pump, so a water pump is required, so there will be noise when the water pump is working, and the water pump also needs electricity, and there are certain requirements for the height of the drain pipe.

In fact, pulsator washing machines are drained from the bottom, and of the front-load washing machines are drained from the top.

The upper and lower drainage cannot be said which is good or not, but when you are decorating, you should pay attention to whether your family uses the upper drainage or the lower drainage, and you should pay attention to the height when installing the drainage pipe opening.

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