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The importance of specifications of metal hose nuts

The diameter of the metal hose determines the wall thickness parameter range of the metal hose, the pressure it bears, etc., which is more important. Then there are other places to pay attention to. Some friends will say that the newly installed metal hose will leak water, the nut is not thick enough, etc. Chenranmei will answer it for you.

The plane of the metal hose must be free of burrs. Very few metal bellows will have burrs. Use a tool to smooth the section. Another problem is the nut. The usual nut is electroplated copper nut. Nuts from different metal hose manufacturers The process is also different, and when customers choose bellows, it is not easy to find the thickness of the bottom of the nut from the appearance. In fact, it is not; the thickness of the bottom is the most important. The installation method and force of each person are different. If the force used is relatively large, the metal hose port and the nut will squeeze each other, which will cause the bottom to crack and leak water, and the side The stress is not that great.

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