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Difficulties in making metal bellows

Whether it is the metal bellows of the heat exchanger used in the energy-saving water dispenser, the condensing coil of the water heater, and the stainless steel bellows of the air energy, the lengths are relatively long, and the commonly used specifications are 10cm-150mm, the length of the bellows The longer it is, the harder it is to make, why is that?

Wall thickness: The thickness of the standard specification is determined, and the wall thickness of the long tube must be thicker than the standard specification, the pressure will be higher, and the safety performance will be better.

Outer diameter: The metal bellows has been welded, waved, shaped, polished, etc. The longer the bellows is, the longer the bellows will appear, the local irregularities will appear, and the diameter will become larger; so the longer the bellows, the higher the requirements.

The diameter of the stainless steel corrugated pipe of air energy is larger than that of the energy-saving water dispenser, the pipe wall is thicker, and the pressure resistance performance must be good.

Therefore, the common long corrugated pipe is generally harder than the standard metal corrugated pipe, mainly due to the difference in wall thickness, and the long pipe is more widely used.

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