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What are the joints of metal hoses

Metal hose fittings are the parts that connect metal hoses and metal hoses or other pipe fittings and equipment. It ensures that the medium works properly in the piping system. The data of the joint is the same as that of the bellows and the mesh sleeve, most of which are stainless steel. In order to reduce production costs, some large-diameter metal hoses can be made of carbon steel when transporting corrosive or non-corrosive media.

For the joints of metal hoses under the effect of corrosive media, carbon steel can also be used if the corresponding method is selected in the design to prevent contact with the medium. The structure of the joint is generally divided into three types: screw type, flange type and quick connector metal hose.

Screw type: The size of the metal hose joint is less than 50 mm. Under the condition of high working pressure, the screw type is mainly used. When the thread is threaded, the outer and inner cone surfaces are tightly sealed on the surfaces of the two joints. The taper angle is generally 60 degrees, but 74 degrees is also useful. The construction is tight, but it is necessary to ensure the concentricity of the two abutting parts. In order to solve the problems of repeated disassembly, installation and non-concentricity in theoretical engineering, the joint can also be designed as the cooperation between the conical surface and the ball head.

Flange type: The metal hose joints with a diameter greater than 25mm are mainly flange type. Under the condition of ordinary working pressure, the tongue and groove cooperative seal is selected. Can roll radially or slide axially. The sealing function of this structure is excellent, but the processing is difficult and the sealing surface is easily damaged. In special situations that require quick unloading, the holes through which the fastening bolts pass can be cut open for quick unloading of the flange.

Express: Various metal hose joints with a diameter of less than 100mm are generally used for quick loading and unloading. It is usually sealed by a fluorinated plastic or special rubber "O" ring. When the handle moves to a certain point, the claws equivalent to multiple threads are confirmed; "O-rings are compressed, and the better the sealing performance is. This structure is suitable for firefighting, outdoor and other places that require quick loading and unloading. In a few seconds Inside the clock, a set of joints can be docked or disassembled without requiring anything special.

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