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Advantages of stainless steel bellows

The stainless steel corrugated pipe adopts integrated manufacturing technology, and the outer surface of the pipe is covered with transparent flame retardant PVC protective sleeve. It is specially used for the stainless steel pipe connecting the indoor air source terminal and the gas appliance. Its joint adopts all metal connection, which effectively eliminates the potential safety hazards such as gas leakage, poisoning and explosion caused by the accidental dropping, aging and cracking of the rubber hose The surface is beautiful, the use is safer, and the relative price is more economical. The standard title should be "stainless steel corrugated hose for gas transmission" and "stainless steel corrugated pipe for gas appliance connection".

Development history

At first, people sewed animal skins into tubular structures to meet the needs of consumer struggle. At the end of the 17th century, the van der gegin brothers of the Netherlands made the canvas hose with longitudinal suture, which was widely used in the fire fighting business at that time. Later, with the appearance of rubber in the international market and the development of its vulcanization process, rubber pipes and rubber pipes armored with fabrics such as metal wire or hemp rope came out. However, in the project, high-temperature media such as steam and hot air, low-temperature media such as liquid hydrogen and liquid helium, and corrosive media such as gasoline, acid and alkali cannot be transported by rubber pipes. Especially in case of high temperature, it is more difficult to ensure the safety and reliability.

Therefore, people gradually focus their attention on the metal pipe. After changing the geometric shape of the metal pipe, the inner surface of the metal pipe produces corresponding corrugations. Such corrugated pipes have the same flexibility as rubber pipes, and also have high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, aging resistance and corrosion resistance. Thus, metal corrugated pipes are produced.

Germany first published the patent for manufacturing bellows in 1855. It used the principle of jewelry manufacturing at that time to manufacture bellows. Thirty years later, France's E. levavasseur and Germany's H Witzenmann cooperated to develop a new type of metal bellows, and obtained the patent rights of France and Germany in August 1885. This is a spiral corrugated pipe made by winding metal tape with S-shaped section on special equipment. They are padded at the bite of two adjacent turns with rubber tape, cotton fabric or asbestos rope to facilitate the sealing of the inner cavity of the corrugated pipe.