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What is the function of metal hose

The principle of the metal hose is to use the reasonable expansion form of the elastic element of the metal hose to absorb the compensation equipment caused by factors such as thermal expansion and cold contraction of the pipeline, hose or container, which belongs to the compensation element. It can digest and absorb radial and lateral angular offsets. Because of the original ductility of the steel hose, the total load at the vertical angle pushes the backfill raw material in the hoop direction, resulting in passive earthpressure. The pipe ring is then assumed to be subject to tangential working pressure. The hoop earth pressure is similar for the metal hose, which is the high fill subgrade area. The tube construction has sufficient compressive strength to incorporate the tangential working pressures experienced by the wall thickness. That way, the wall thickness working pressure can be identified and compared with the allowable value to prevent compromises, bends or gaps.

The joint connection process of metal hoses is usually welded.

When the joint is welded with the mesh sleeve and the bellows, for example, the weld is made by mixing the base metal and filler material of two different types of steel, pearlite and austenite. The content of the elements formed by the body is reduced, and the weld will have a brittle and hard martensite structure, so that the weld will be brittle and cracks will occur during the use of the metal hose, which will reduce its resistance to fatigue damage. In the factory inspection, it is not easy to find that when it receives alternating internal stress, it will accelerate its fatigue failure, often causing weld cracking near the joint.

The metal hose is generally composed of three parts: corrugated pipe, mesh sleeve and joint. The corrugated pipe is the body of the metal hose and plays a flexible role; the mesh sleeve plays the role of strengthening and shielding; the quality of the joint plays an important connection role. For different technical requirements, the ways in which they can be connected to each other are also different: the three parts of the bellows, the mesh sleeve and the joint are welded and connected, which is called Chinese welding; The connection is called a mechanical clamping type. In addition, there is a combination of the two research methods of the above analysis, which is called a hybrid type.

The metal hoses that are often used in our daily life are first of all because this metal hose has good performance and does not have to worry about too many problems during use, then this metal hose has its own data problems. How to connect metal hoses. In fact, about our life, we often use plastic coated hoses made of this metal material, we also have a lot of details to pay attention to in time, cohesion in time needs to be careful, because it is flexible and may be Because of improper equipment and form. Harm to people, so pay special attention to the requirements on the use of time, as long as it allows us.

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