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What are the characteristics of metal hose materials

02 Dec Industry News
Connectors at both ends of metal hose: connectors mainly include threaded connection, flange connection and quick connector connection Three functions of the metal hose: reduce the installation stress of the pipeline, compensate the movement of the rated position of the pipeline, and absorb the vibration of the pipeline system.

The stainless steel mesh sleeve is the main pressure bearing part of the metal braided hose installed in the pressure pipeline, and also plays a protective role for the metal hose. According to the pressure in the pipeline and the application site, one or more layers of stainless steel wire or steel strip can be selected. It is woven according to certain parameters to form a high pressure resistant metal hose. The pressure range of the metal braided hose produced by our company is generally PN0.6-32.0MPa, up to 42.0MPa. Stainless steel mesh covers mainly include steel mesh covers and steel mesh covers.
Features of corrugated metal hose:

1. Recommended maximum allowable expansion per wave: full height △ α= ± 24mm half height △ α= ±12mm。
2. Ash baffle: it can not be used for air duct or pipe with little dust, but it should be used for flue with much dust.
3. In order to reduce the number of wave nodes of corrugated pipe, 50% cold drawing shall be considered.
4. The standard half height corrugated metal hose is applicable to the occasions where the sectional area is less than 4.6 square meters and one side of the overall dimension of the flue is less than 1.5 m but more than 0.6 mm. Standard full height corrugated metal hose is applicable to all flue ducts.
Corrugated metal hose has many characteristics such as good flexibility, fatigue resistance, high pressure resistance, high and low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. Compared with other hoses (rubber and plastic hoses), it has a much longer service life, so it has higher comprehensive economic benefits. With the development of modern industry, your demand for high temperature and high pressure resistant corrugated hoses is growing.
Scope of application of hose: the conveying pipe that needs to be fully flexible shall be equipped in places where vibration is prevented, and it is applicable to steam, gas, air, heavy oil, petroleum, chemical drugs, etc.