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Two step maintenance of metal hose

30 Dec Industry News
There are many articles on the Internet about the maintenance of shower heads, but of them talk about how to maintain the shower faucet and nozzle. In fact, the shower faucet has a tight and solid structure and is not easy to be damaged. It is often overlooked that the metal hose connecting the water inlet pipe and the water outlet faucet is the one that is vulnerable and needs protection.
The metal hose of the shower shall be maintained in two steps without knotting
Because the position of the metal hose determines that it is very easy to be damaged. Many friends asked me about the price of Jiumu Sprinkler, and everyone liked this brand of sprinkler. It should be said that Jiumu's shower hose is very good.
Let's look back at the shower hose. In fact, the connection between it and the water inlet pipe is connected and fixed with the valve body by a screw cap hose. The problem is that the screw cap is easy to loosen, rust or even fall off over time.
The bigger problem is that the hose is pulled frequently during the bath, and the range is often large, which will cause the fracture of the place where the metal hose connects with the screw cap. What's more, the other end of the hose is connected to the shower head in the same way. If the owner operates
Improper, such as excessive force, is also easy to break.
We have never seen the metal hose break in the middle and both ends are in good condition, is that right? Many users haven't paid attention to this, and they lack maintenance knowledge in this regard.
By now, you should have understood how to maintain the shower hose. Here are some points for your reference:
Everyone should keep the metal hose in a natural stretch state when taking a shower at ordinary times. After use, the shower nozzle should be inserted on the shelf. Never coil the metal hose on the shower nozzle.
Secondly, when pulling the hose, it is necessary to prevent the joint between the hose and the valve body from forming a dead knot. You must look carefully. When pulling the hose, you should use less force to avoid the metal hose from being broken or causing damage to the hose.