29 Apr News

       Let me share with you how to choose the Stainless Steel Shower Hose.

  The specific name of the metal hose (what material, what form), the accurate metal hose caliber (the size of the caliber, ranging from DN25-DN400), what material should the flange be (stainless steel, carbon steel, etc.) what material should the corrugated and mesh sleeves be made of (It is related to the specific application environment) How much length is needed (selected according to the needs of the installation environment, generally the default length) Whether the flange needs a loose sleeve at one end (this is the form of a metal hose) The standard length is 300mm, and the standard is two The end flange can't be loose, what is the standard use medium (water? or other) and how high the temperature is, conventional stainless steel 304 can withstand high temperature within 180 degrees is no problem. (operating environment, temperature)

  When purchasing a shower hose, you must pay attention to the following points: 1. Detailed explanation of the size of the shower hose The tube has very good aging resistance and hot water resistance, the mechanical properties change very little, and the volume expansion rate is only 0.3%. There are mainly metal hoses, braided pipes and PVC reinforced pipes. Different materials vary greatly. When purchasing, you can choose according to personal preferences. The important point is that the size of the shower hose must be the same as that of the shower. The general size of the shower hose is 14mm, 16mm, 17mm and 18mm. It is better to take the old pipe and replace it with a new one, which is better. Compare. 2. How to choose a shower hose 1. The thing to look at when buying a hose is the surface. Now generally the better shower hoses are made of stainless steel. A good shower hose The surface should be plated with pure white silver, with strong flexibility, including the bayonet between each thread connecting should be neat and regular, and the weaving of the thread should also be neat and orderly. 2. Pay attention to the interface of the shower hose at both ends. A good hose is made of all-copper material. The thickness of the interface and the solid gasket inside are very strong and durable, and the appearance is also equipped with better silicone Soft gasket, has a very good leak-proof effect. 3. Observe the material of the inner tube. The ordinary inner tube adopts the standard PVC silicone inner tube, and the good hose adopts the ternary inner tube, which has very good toughness and shrinkage, and has a very delicate hand feeling. Pay attention to the difference. 3. Pay attention to the details of purchasing showerheads 1. There are two main types of showerhead nuts on the market: stainless steel and copper casting. It is recommended that you buy cast copper nuts, which can effectively prevent water leakage and have a longer service life. 2. The material of the shower switch valve core must be good, because there are many times of switching, pay attention when purchasing.