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Precautions for purchasing stainless steel bellows

The stainless steel bellows of the energy-saving water dispenser are dazzling, and I don’t know how to choose:

There are many brands of energy-saving drinking fountains, and various technologies, principles, appearances, and methods of use are dazzling. When choosing stainless steel bellows, there are many difficulties. The choice of material, the size of the pipe diameter, and the after-sales service are all very important. The materials and products used by different bellows manufacturers make it difficult for water dispenser manufacturers to choose.
2. The material of stainless steel bellows:

Generally, the metal bellows used in direct drinking water equipment are mostly 304, and some choose 316. In fact, the better the material does not mean practical, the water dispenser's requirement for the corrugated pipe is to meet the drinking water pipeline standard, the better the stainless steel corrugated pipe, the higher the production cost.
3. The service life of the bellows:

Many users do not know that the bellows of the water dispenser needs to be replaced. It is possible that there are impurities in the water when drinking water, and it will only be checked if it is turbid. The stainless steel bellows has a relatively long service life. After the water dispenser has been used for several years, the water dispenser should be opened for inspection from time to time to check whether the stainless steel bellows is rusted and whether there is scale inside the bellows. Many users will have such a misunderstanding: thinking that stainless steel The corrugated pipe will not rust, and the rusted corrugated pipe is not made of stainless steel. It is necessary to pay attention to this point. There are several reasons for identifying the rust: the quality of the corrugated pipe, the service life, and whether it is stained with acid and alkali.
4. Stainless steel bellows wall thickness and installation:

This is a problem that all water dispenser manufacturers worry about, because the wall thickness of the stainless steel bellows itself is relatively thin, and they will worry that the pressure it bears will not be enough, and there will be pipe bursts and water leakage; we all know the purpose of the water dispenser, whether it is Public places, schools, companies, and households are all connected to domestic water pipes. The regional differences and the height of the floors have different water pressures. Usually, the pressure is tens of kilograms, and there will not be too much pressure. Variety. The general stainless steel bellows of common specifications have good pressure resistance, and there is no problem of pipe bursting. The bellows of the water dispenser heat exchanger supplied by Chenranmei is thicker than that of the commonly used stainless steel bellows. , but not the thicker the better, the thickness determines the softness of the bellows, too thick is not easy to install, not easy to bend, it is very important to choose the appropriate thickness.

5. After-sale:

Some manufacturers did not take this into account when purchasing stainless steel bellows, and the supply was carried out by means of logistics, and there were water leakage, rust, and damaged joints during installation. Then it will be more troublesome in the after-sales side, and it cannot be dealt with in time, which is very important.

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